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    Quote Originally Posted by bludstayne
    Hate to burst your bubble, but all GF4 cards are DX8.1

    And it kind of makes sense that it will beat the snot out of the MX, it's 5 times more expensive!
    GF4 MX cards ARE NOT DX8. ONLY the Ti cards are DX8, the MX cards are DX7.

    Please see this webpage. Please pay close attention to the row that says "nfiniteFX II" Do you see an "x" in the MX column? That's right, no, you don't. Can you guess what nfiniteFX II is? It's DX8. Now, that does not mean that the MX doesn't have some DX8 features but it is NOT a full DX8 card.

    What the hell, I'll even include this link that spells it out nicely.

    This is the last thing I will say about the controversial naming policy; I certainly don't agree with it and I wish nV could have included the DX8 features we saw in the Ti200, it's slightly deceitful and certainly doesn't push the technology forward, the exact opposite of what we have come to expect from Nvidia.
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