Thread: getting rid of the unsightly "^M" character

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    getting rid of the unsightly "^M" character

    Ok, silvercord was great in pointing me towards my old 3dmath code;however, since it was written in MSVC.NET, I have these unsightly '^M' characters at the end of each line, how can I get rid of them all in one burst?

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    Write a program to do it

    Open the file, every time the character comes around kill it.

    Can't remember if its ascii 10 or 13.

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    dos2unix filename filename

    That should do it on *nix
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    dos2unix will do it. I forgot about the differences during a programming competition last month, and ended up coming 2nd because of the initial confusion about that.

    >dos2unix filename filename
    If you leave out the 2nd 'filename', it'll just overwrite the original, FYI.
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