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    Question compiler question

    I'm looking for a website that has a c/c++ compiler built into the page. Does anybody know of one, or am I in dreamland?
    I want a text box that I can insert my text, hit a button and the website compiles it to show an output or errors in the code.
    I'm disallowed the capability of using or installing a compiler at work, and want to continue developement w/o breaking the rules. I'm writting simple c and c++ command line programs. I've seen this done in other languages, but nothing for the c/c++ code.
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    Check this out!
    You can use online VS .NET for three hours and can always sign up for an additional three hours anytime. Never tried it, tho.
    I managed to install Dev C++ on my usb drive (it takes up 60 mb, not sure).
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