Thread: What language to start with?

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    What language to start with?


    I am interested in learning how to program as a hobby. The only experience I have is what I remember from Basic language that I used to program with on my old C-64 in the '80's. Nowadays there are so many languages that it's almost overwhelming. But I still want to dabble at least.

    My question is: what would be a good language to learn first?

    Any input would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I suggest...

    I suggest you start with C programming it's fairly old ,was created in 1970's. it's used today a lot. and other languages like Java, C++, C# are all derived from C. there are millions of tutorials on the net just search "C tutorial".


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    There are plenty of tutorials on the main area of this website. I would suggest that you start with either C or C++. The closest thing to what you're going to remember would proabably be Visual Basic, but depending on what you want to do, C or C++ would probably be a better dabbling language. If you just want to play with GUIs and make some small utilities, try your hand at VB and go here for help: when you get stuck. If you're just looking to do some processing, C or some derivative would probably be your better bet.

    Maybe you should explain what you want to dabble in!?

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    i would say go with C, there are some great books out there one i would recommend is C Primer Plus.

    and as said up there VB is good for small simple programs but you will find you will get alot more out of C/C++

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    Hey rottensinner,

    First of its pretty obvious which language people will tell you to start with when asking on a C board, anyway I am totally with Ober on this one.

    I think that anything basic will sound familiar to you so that would be easy to pick up again as some of it may have been resting somewhere in your brain...
    On the other hand i would suggest going for something like C, of course this will be completely new to you since you come from basic but it will be innovative and something fun for you to learn...



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