Thread: L4VXA2 V1.0C, will it take 3.0 P4 w/800???

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    L4VXA2 V1.0C, will it take 3.0 P4 w/800???

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if the ECS board L4VXA2 V1.0C will take an 800 mhz FSB 3.0 G P4 chip. I know the board will only support 533 MHZ FSB, and am wondering if the board would just underclock and run at 533? I know it seems a waste of an 800 MHZ FSB chip, but I received the chip very cheap so I couldn't turn it down. I looked on the net and saw that the board does support Hyperthreading, but only lists support up to 3.06 MHZ 533 FSB P4. It seems that it will NOT support it, but then again I wonder if it is not listed because most people would not want to use a 800 MHZ chip on a 533 MHZ board. Really my only question is, will it work with this board without any stability problems. Thanks in advance, and any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    By default? No. With some major volt mods and extreme cooling, maybe

    Good 800 motherboards aren't all that expensive, you can get a decent one for around $100.

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    i got a dfi board for around 100 with the 865g chipset, that board supports 800mhz fsb
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