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    Question bad memory?

    I bought memory before christmas and it was bad. I sent it back and my replacement came yesterday. Currently i'm running memtest86 with full tests. I have 1 error of 20000 bits at 365.9mb. I've run gcc compiling OpenOffice 1.1 for severel hours (4) without fault. Out of 1gb of memory only 4mb were free. My question is does this gcc test suggest the the memory is okay or should I send it back again?

    AthlonXP 2700
    1gb Corsair twinx PC2700 333mhz
    Asus A7N8X nforce2 motherboard


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    I don't know... the lack of free memory could be due to programming (ie. memory leaks), not the RAM itself. I'd say if it works ok for normal operation, it should be ok. Corsair is usually pretty good stuff. I can't imagine you'd get 2 bad chips unless the shipper is handling them incorrectly.

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