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    printing in IE

    I was called on to fix a computer last nite and one of the problems was that they couldn't print from IE. It says something to the effect of "there is a library not registered":

    "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SHDOCDL.dll" or something like that.

    I tried registering the dll using regsvr32, but it said it couldn't find the entry point to the dll. Is it as easy as replacing the file with one from another computer?

    Also, this is a fairly new computer... and it seems to dog on certain things. For instance, after booting up, you can start doing things after it gets to the desktop, but the windows startup wave doesn't play for a good 30 seconds after that, sometimes longer, but nothing else seems to be loading. And at other random times, it seems to slow down.

    I've cleaned up the startup, removed her anti-virus (it was F-ed), and done other normal maintenance. It's XP with 128 mb (which I realize should be more and I mentioned that to her, but still... it should be working better than it does)

    Anyways... anyone have any ideas? Could this be a worm?

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    Theres a possibility that it could be. If you're worried about something that the anti-virus program missed, you can go to for a free virus scan to run. Its updated every day or two, so it should find anything that the computer could have.

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