Thread: Weird Compiler Errors

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    Weird Compiler Errors

    This is D code, so it doesnot REALLY belong, but there is no 'D' board yet.

    I'm getting these errors:

    Error 42: Symbol Undefined _D6object6Object5opCmpFC6ObjectZi
    Error 42: Symbol Undefined _D6object6Object8opEqualsFC6ObjectZi
    --- errorlevel 2
    Can anyone explain this, please?

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    Is everyone as stumped as I am?

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    >Is everyone as stumped as I am?
    No, just nobody has bothered to tell you that a symbol is undefined and to post more detail concerning your environment, project, etc...

    And don't bump your posts, it's rude.
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    Not only is this NOT, bumping your thread is against board guidelines.
    Try the D forum on this site.
    I found it using Google.


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    I wasn't replying JUST to bump it up! I wouldn't do that, because I know that it's not needed.

    What kind of information do you need? I'll try that. thx.

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    you are a freakin moron
    there is no he was being sarcastic. Try the link he gave you, retard.
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    psst... there is a it just doesn't have a forum...

    here's a more specific link if you couldn't find the forum page on that site: the link he posted was just to the site... the forum link on that page is at the bottom of a long list of tutorials or something
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    Why did you guys flame kinghajj about posting a D programming question? Look at all the threads in this section...none of them have anything to do with C programming.

    Codeplug is just jealous because he has know idea how to write to an Intel, AMD, or Strata flash part, or how to write a flash file system!

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