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    Emacs frames

    Is there any way to save the positions of all your frames and windows in Emacs? I am starting to use it as an IDE when I am using FreeBSD, and it's really annoying having to recreate all my frames every time I start up Emacs.

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    I believe that you can just modify your .emacs file to create the frames on startup, using the (split-window-vertically x) and (split-window-horizontally x) commands.
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    Thanks. This is going to be a lot better now. I just got to figure out the auto tools, and I'll be set! Right now I'm just using a shell script to compile crap. I've been trying to learn how to use autoconf and automake, but I can't find any good resources to learn it. I searched google, but all the sites that came up explained what they did, not how to use them.

    edit: Is there a command to start the speedbar? I can't find one.
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