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    Lightbulb C/C++ program in EDIT PLUS

    hi i am not able to compile my C/C++ program in edit plus.
    i use turbo c compiler. usually i run my program in DOS mode.

    but today, i downloaded editplus and set the compilers path according to editplus manual but still its not compiling and running.

    in this link i found how to set the path

    Menu text: Turbo C
    Command: c:\tc\tcc.exe
    Argument: -Ic:\tc\include -Lc:\tc\lib -n$(FileDir) $(FilePath)
    Initial directory: c:\tc
    Capture output: ON
    i changed only C:\ to D:\ . bcoz my TC compiler is in D:\
    rest of the thing i have kept same.

    so i wrote in my setting...

    Menu text: TC
    Command: d:\tc\tcc.exe
    Argument: -Id:\tc\include -Ld:\tc\lib -n$(FileDir) $(FilePath)
    Initial directory: d:\tc
    Capture output: ON

    then i clicked on tool menu TC to compile .

    i am getting a message in the output window
    "Output completed (0 sec consumed) - Cannot run the application"

    plz why program is not compiling and running. what i have to do???

    is there anyother command except tcc.exe which can compile. bcoz i did not find tcc.exe in my BIN folder

    but i run my prog in DOS mode like d:\tc\bin\tc---->then i get a blue window.. here i write program , compile and run.

    i have also changed tcc.exe to tc only but no result

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    Argument: -Id:\tc\include -Ld:\tc\lib -n$(FileDir) $(FilePath)
    The (filedir) and (FilePath) are included as examples of what to type in, not what you type in exactly.
    if the file you want to compile is for example named project.cpp in a folder called myprojects you would type in
    -n$project.cpp $C:\myprojects

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    hi draco

    yes my file name is link.c and i have stored it in d:\

    so i typed again:

     Argument: -Id:\tc\include -Ld:\tc\lib -n$link.c $d:\
    but its giving the same message " Output completed (0 sec consumed) - Cannot run the application "

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    This is probably a PATH issue - like tc is not in the PATH environment variable seen by editplus.
    If you think you've changed the PATH, you need to reboot / restart editplus to make the change within editplus itself.

    Also, this question is best asked on either the tech board here, or better still on the message board / mailing list of the editor in question (we're not all experts in every single editor in the world)
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    Originally posted by Draco
    The (filedir) and (FilePath) are included as examples of what to type in, not what you type in exactly.[/code]
    No, actually those are variables that are substituted automatically by the EditPlus tool system for the directory and full path of the current file, respectivly.
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