Thread: Digital Camera -> Slo-Mo Camera??

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    Question Digital Camera -> Slo-Mo Camera??

    Hi all

    i was wondering if i would be able to buy a regular computer camera and be able to in any way write a program that would be able to increase the number of frames per second, lets say to at least 100. I have no idea if an unconventional camera would even be able to handle this, much less how i would write a program to do this. I have a beginner's knowledge of C++. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Why not just buy a digital camera with a faster frame rate???

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    u cant change the capture rate of a camera, atleast thats wat i think.
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    buying one isnt fun

    thanks for the help!

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    yeah you can't do it programatically, it's probably a physical limit of the specific camera.
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    You coul always write a driver for your cammera, or reprogam it. The problem would be getting enough documentation to do it.
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    well, it most definately is the physical limits of the shutter speed that affect you. however, you could pretty easily use a standard camera, and move in slowmo. or go the reverse, and merely insert say copies of each frame between them therefore dragging a scene out.

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