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    Record From TV

    Not too sure if this is the right forum for this, but i was wondering if anyone knew how i would record audio/video from my television unto to my laptop? What kinda of cables do i need and or software to manipulate the a/v?


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    You need a video card that supports S-video (I think). I'm not sure about the software.

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    the card will probably have something about video capture in the specs (yeah not sure about S-vid either, but it will say vid capture if it has it).
    Software should be available from the manufacturer either in the box or online...other than that there's millions of free/shareware programs out there that will do the trick.
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    You can purchase hardware which can accomplish the task. The prices range.

    Here is a sample of such a device. My friend owns one of their very early and inexpensive models. It works quite well. You can browse channels, listen to the radio, etc.. all from your computer without interfering with your TV operation or cable signal. You can record and then encode your favorite television shows... like Star Trek, for example, and send it to everyone vs. your favorite file sharing application! . I would own one myself, except I don't subscribe to cable television; instead all I have is this crappy C-Band satellite with HBO, which repeats every film again and again.
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    Now I am using Pinnacle PCTV for viewing TV on my desktop. I don't know about laptop though. Pinnacle can record TV programs and even you can set timer for like if you don't be at home or something like that. And that card include one port for video input. so if you want to capture video, you can do it with that card even though it doesn't support high quality.

    Note: if you buy Pinnacle PCTV pro, you can listen FM on pc. i hope it will act like dual band TV.

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