Thread: video convert..."hack" on a genesis

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    video convert..."hack" on a genesis

    I have this old genesis that I just got(part of my nostalgia collecting rampage), and it works, but when I brought it home to use it I noticed that the RF switch cord plug, which plugs into the genesis, had a bent pin(the plug looks similar to an svideo/ps2 mouse plug). In an attempt to straighten the pin, it snapped. Well, until I can purchase/get a new one, along with getting an adapter so I can run stereo audio/composite video, along with running RGB video + stereo video on my old commodore 1084s, I want to use this damn thing right now.

    I have a modified ps2 mouse plug. I chopped off the mouse(old mouse, don't care about it), and remove the metal ring around the plug which would normally keep the mouse snug in your ps2 port, and provide a ground connection. This, through slight pin adjustment, and trial and error, slides into the genesis perfectly.

    I have the 4 wires that come out of the modified ps2 plug,where the mouse would normally be, stripped, and I've tried mixing and matching them up to a stripped rca type cable running ninto a video monitor, then attaching them to plain old unaltered video cables running into a video monitor.

    I can't seem to get it to work.
    - go here

    On the pinout pictured on the right, it is my understanding that I somehow need the #4 pin on the back of the genesis connected to a screen somehow, and the ground being connected to that same cable.

    How to accomplish this, is giving me trouble.

    The ps2 plug i made, pops into the genesis, and the bare wires at the end of that, attach to some sort of an rca video cable which ends up running into a screen to display.

    Any tips on pin matching, making sure i'm doing something right while reading this pinouts and trying to match stuff up???
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    Nevermind. I figured it out.
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    do you want my sega cd? its free........

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    >>do you want my sega cd? its free

    not in a million years
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