Thread: Me want cookie

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    Me want cookie

    I have seached on the Internet but so far no results.
    I'm looking for the Cookie file format of MS Internet Explorer (6.0)

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    cookies are like .dat files... text... I'm not sure the extension, but you can just check in your temp. internet files... your logged on here, so you'll have a cookie in there from at least this site...
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    Yes I know. I have even created a cookie using a small VB test program. What I like to know is what are the fields in the cookie? What field separators are used. Take for example the cprogramming cookie:

    bblastvisit                  = field
    1065703114                   = value     = domain
    0                            = security?
    3111846144                   = expiration date?
    29666611                     = expiration time?
    1039144944                   = creation date?
    29593186                     = creation time?
    This must be documented somewhere.

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    I'm guessing it's '\n'

    also, try
    PHP and XML
    Let's talk about SAX

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