Thread: Domain Not Found Errors with WiFi?

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    Domain Not Found Errors with WiFi?

    I've recently bought a NetGear 108.11g/108 Mbps wireless card for my laptop and an accompanying router. However, it seems to have been giving me plenty of DNS errors (i.e., server not found). It sometimes many attempts to go to the website before it loads if it loads at all. This is pretty strange.
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    I had a smililar problem with my network, and it was on my internet provider's (comcast) side. The service that I have is supposed to serve only one pc (ie no routers), so there was some setting in the modem that it can only be directly hooked up to the pc.

    To solve this I just bought another cable modem from my friend for $35, and my problems were solved. Now all my 3 boxes are connected through wifi to cable speeds.

    I love wifi.

    some entropy with that sink?

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