Thread: Do programmers still like Java ?

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    Unhappy Do programmers still like Java ?

    Java is popular , but lots programmers seem don't like it that much .
    Which fields they use Java in ?

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    computer science AP is now taught in Java... maybe it looks like we don't like it because your in a Cprogramming forum?
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    > Which fields they use Java in ?

    For example embedded systems. At my company I've seen Java being used in car navigation systems, mobile phones and currently I'm working on a project with set-top boxes, where we use Java and C together. In the TV-stream there are Java applications stored, these can be picked up by the set-top box and then be run on the set-top box its JVM.

    Probably there are lots of programmers that don't like it, there are also lots of programmers which do like it. I like Java, but I also like many other languages.

    Just a variation on the post of major_small: If you would ask on a Java-forum if the programmers there like C, most of the programmers there would probably answer no.

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    Why do you keep asking these questions? First of all, a board search would turn up a million other threads just like it, and not only that, but you yourself keep asking these questions...why not just keep it to one of the threads you started?

    PS: Just so you know, we're not supposed to answer you homework questions if that's what you're doing...
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