Thread: The Dual Boot Duel

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    The Dual Boot Duel


    I installed Windows 2000 Professsional on the first partition of my hard drive. No biggie there, you think, where's the drama? Then my childish instincts took hold and forced me to install a DOS-compatible OS to play games on (Windows 98 Second Edition), which was put on a second partition.

    At the moment, unless I change the active partition in Windows 2000/Use FDISK in Windows 98 I can't go anywhere. Does anyone know how to inform the NTLDR that Windows 98 is in the building?

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    First off have you tried apcompat.exe? I would suggest this method first for running games under Win2k instead of dual booting. Also I have better luck installing the oldest OS first since the newer ones are usually better at recognizing other OS'es.

    You can however just edit the boot.ini file which is a read-only file I believe the syntax is someting like "attrib -r boot.ini" this removes the read only attribute of the file. Now all you need to do is add your other os entry to the file, save and reboot! If all goes well it should give you the choice of which os you would like to boot to. Don't forget to go into your "system properties/Advanced" tab and make sure that the option "Display list of operating systems..." is checked.

    Or just use something like Partion Magic if you don't mind shelling out some $$$.
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