Thread: Need help formating Win XP

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    Need help formating Win XP

    I need help formating Windows XP...i might have a virus because my hard drive makes a clicking noise..and i can do a virus check but then the hard drive will freeze and start clicking sponie point. So i need to restart the computer in DOS and get to the C drive so i can format it. Can anyone help me?

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    Use the Windows XP CD. You can format your drive before you install Windows.

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    B carefull though , if its a memory resident virus , it will still be there when you have finished installing !!

    Best to run a vs scanner.
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    That doesn't sounds like a virus to me. That sounds like a drive on the way out. "clicking"? it "stops" or "freezes"? I had a drive do that recently. I backed up my files and shipped it back to the manufacturer.

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    I agree with ober...I had a similar thing happen twice already and both times it was a faulty/broken hd and not a virus.

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    viruses cannot cause physical harm to a computer
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    If you can still get into XP, double click "My Computer", select the drive, right click and pick properties. Choose the Tools tab and press "Check Now", to sheck the disk. It is quite probable that it will not be able to do this because the volume is in use, but it will ask you if you want XP to run this check at next restart. Say yes, and reboot, then chkdsk will try and sort out your disk.

    It sound to me like it is an ex drive, or soon to be so.
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