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    Retro gaming purpose PC

    I'm going to setup a retro gaming PC.

    A local guy(approx. 10 miles from my house) is offering a complete:
    333mhz, 20gig hard drive, 15" monitor, hp printer with extra ink, cd rom, floppy drive, speakers, 56k modem(heh), windows 98 disk/windows 98 operating system complete pc for $100. I asked him how much RAM is in it, but since it's 4am, he probably won't reply for a little while. I'm sure it's substantial enough for the purpose. Plus I have a few EDO sticks, and one SDR stick laying around somewhere..

    I'm going to use it for retro pc games. Commander Keen, Blood, Duke 3d, Doom, One Must Fall 2097, Realms of Chaos, Raptor, Rise of the Triad, Hexen, Dos Win98-targeted Tomb Raiders, and so on.

    My delima is I need a video card with tv-out that'll work in Dos. Obviously it'll have drivers for Windows 98(were looking for a dated video card here), but it needs to have driver support for Dos so I can have TV-out during DOS gameplay.

    Any recommends?
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    Go with older cards...
    if i remember right, the ati all in wonder 128 pro (not radeon allinwonder, just all in wonder) has DOS drivers, and it has tvout capabilities. I never used the card in DOS, but I thought I saw DOS drivers on the site, you may want to check it out first though.
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