Thread: Partion magic not working?

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    Partion magic not working?

    I installed partion magic, and tried to install linux on my system. However after going through the setup it reboots and gives me a:

    error 983 while executing batch

    too many errrors found, process halted.

    any help please.

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    mmm cant help to much here ,
    but you could have tried fips on the linux cd

    anyway look at the brighter side of it you can now reformat , create 2 new partitions and reinstall win 98 and linux

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    Run a scandisk or chkdsk /f on the partitions.
    I run Partition Magic and this will fix the problem.
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    Hey since this thread is already about partitioning I might as well ask. Are these the correct things needed for a nice linux system. Realize I'm limiting this to a 6 gig memory span.

    /boot - ??mg - ??type.

    /root- 4-5 gig- ext3

    /swap - 1gig - swap type

    Thats all I've been able to get out of google searches. Any input is greatly appreciated. I'm trying to get out of the habit of using automatic programs and actually work manually with the computer.
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