Thread: VB DLLs with C++

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    VB DLLs with C++

    I'm sitting in my Visual Basic Programming class, and I just learned how to make activex DLLs with the Visual Basic classes. Would I be able to make a DLL with VB and then use it with a C++ program? If so, is there a way using MSVC or some other program to view the classes/methods/members in the DLL?

    I found this thread but his question wasn't really answered so I don't know if he got it working.

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    A VB COM Object can be used like any other COM object. A good place to start is here:

    As for viewing the type info in the dll the best tool is OleView. This is availiable as a seperate download on the microsoft site, is in the platform SDK and is probably included with VC. (Do a web search if you don't have it.)

    Alternatively you can use the object viewer in VB or VBA (easier to understand but less information).

    I think the thread you referenced got very confused between a C++ program accessing a VB COM dll and a VB program accessing a non-COM C++ dll.

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