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    users connection speed

    Hey all, I was wondering if there is anyway to check for a users connection speed before loading a webpage. Basically, I want to bring an appropriate page to the user, depending on their connection speed right as they log into my site. I imagine this has to e a rather quick technique as to avoid any pauses before loading.

    Would some sort of jscript be efficient, or do i have to use a more advanced language?

    some entropy with that sink?

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    I think there's a way, but i think you have to test their connection yourself... i'm not sure...
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    Use any serverside language, and instead of detecting connection speed, detect it relative to how long it takes to load a small file. Create the file as an object in the client data space
    (ie: var something=somefile).
    Start a counter on the server side. Have the client script tell you when it loaded the object. Look at your counter, load whatever based on that.
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    You probably don't even have to write the script. appears to have a free one. (I haven't read the details of the agreement)

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