Thread: Swear filter in a chat room.

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    Swear filter in a chat room.

    Anyone know how to establish a swear filter in an IRC chatroom?

    Another site I use had a very nice chatroom with a friendly group of regulars, over the last few days we have been plagued with intruders making life impossible to the extent the chat room has been closed pending a fix.

    Our admin reckons a simple word filter would suffice.

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    Well you could ban any users who swear in the irc channel... Other than that you can either set the ircd to censor those bad words or write a irc client that censors incoming messages.

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    Most of the major IRC clients have scripting facilities, and there are plenty of examples of protection scripts which include bad word lists.

    All you need is a few regulars in the channel running those, and you should be pretty well set.
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    People find ways around it. Face it, you've been plagued. I would just find a new place to chat and tell your friends there to go to it. If you censor out language, people will do crap like make an at sign and two dollar signs, or maybe use 1337-talk to swear. If you block IP addresses, people will easily think of a million ways to get around it just to spite you. These people are annoying and idiotic, and face it: you are on the internet. These idiots are why all of the internet backbones are all bogged up.

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    we need idiot filters , ahhthen life would be better
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    If I were you I would go to, get a name there and forward it to an IRC server that you can keep running all day(either yourself or other members could run this server). Then you can use the server to filter words, ban members who use them continuously, and maybe you'll have to cut off a few ISP's if the little bastards keep it up. Anyways, good luck with that. (I wonder if you could make a script that would get their MAC Address's then you could ban them that way). Maybe you could make users go through some sort of registration process.
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    Eh, if you have a router you can change your MAC address anyway Xei.

    From my router config:

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    Being Stalinist, it's possible to do it fairly effectively. Just bind @ to a, $ to s, and so on. C&C Generals does exactly this, and so 4$$ is turned into ***.

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    Then you will have people who put spaces in between the letters so it is still noticable as a cussword. You can't strip spaces, or words like assassin would be filtered for no reason.

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    It's obviously debatable whether this is actually a good step to take -- occasionally, "bad" language is merited. I'd imagine that it's not the language itself that you object to; more the absence of anything smart to say. If so, moderation will be more effective.

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