Thread: how do i open ports on my router?

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    how do i open ports on my router?

    i need to open port 80 so peopel can go to my apache website but i dont knwo how because my router blocks it. i tried going to the router config page but it didnt work. in general, how does one open ports on wireless routers?
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    Im guessing its a linksys wifi router, so go to and defualt user and password are both admin. once there set your computers private IP (192.168.1.*somethin) as dmz host, then go to port forwarding and forward port 80 to your private IP (192.168.1.*someting again) then you shuld be set

    for people to access your server direct them to your public IP (the one that doesnt start with 192)

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    You don't need DMZ host and port forwarding. DMZ host forwards everything that comes in to that PC, regardless of which port it is on. YOu should just need to open port 80. If you don't have a copy of the manual, some manufacturers post them on their website in PDF format.
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