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    Question Visual C++ 6.0 Question

    I am interested in learning more about game development and saw that Id software has a GNU release of Quake II. I downloaded the source and ran the build in Visual C++ 6.0. Everything built until it got to the rel_soft project.

    While trying to compile an assembler file (r_varsa.asm), the following error was displayed:

    Performing Custom Build Step on .\r_varsa.asm
    'ml' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

    I did a search and found that the ml.exe application needed is not to be found in any of the Visual C++ folders.

    I reinstalled the compiler from CD, just to be sure that all components were installed, but still no success.

    Is anyone aware of a problem with the Quake II v.3.21 source code project that would cause this issue? Is there a known bug with Visual C++ that would cause this?

    I looked on the MSDN site but could not find any articles that helped me out.

    Suggestions or links to pages that will help me resolve this problem would be appreciated.



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    Okay, sorry to have bothered everyone. I figured out what was wrong.

    In case anybody else runs into this problem, in order to get the Microsoft Assembler software onto your machine you need to install the appropriate Visual C++ 6.0 Processor Pack (either vcpp.exe for Service Pack 4 installs or vcpp5.exe for Service Pack 5 installs).

    Guess I just needed to do a little more digging. Ah well, live and learn.



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