Thread: DVD+-/RW Burner. DVD-R's not working in DVD-ROM.

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    Angry DVD+-/RW Burner. DVD-R's not working in DVD-ROM.

    I just bought an LG SuperMulti DVD+-/RW DVD Burner. It specifies that it can burn the following:


    Now, the DVD-Burner can read everything it burns just fine. However, when my friend burnt MOHAA in a zip and a bunch of other Mr. Bean videos from my PC onto a DVD-R my DVD-ROM(not Burner) would not read the DVD-R at all, in fact, it didn't even think there was a CD in the DVD-ROM Drive. So when he brought the DVD-R home he said that the huge zip file worked, and afew others, but the rest were 'un-readable' by his DVD-ROM. So just now I attempted a test: I wrote 65 Megabytes of mp3's to one DVD-R. I made 5 of those files names less than 11 characters long, and the other 5 the usual (up to 255); I used Nero Burning Rom in DVD-Mode to burn all of the files with ISO 9960 and nothing else except for unicode support. My DVD-ROM still did not see the disc, so I figured: "Well, it must work in my Sony DVD-Player which can play MP3's" but when I put the DVD-R into the Sony DVD-Player it displayed on the LCD "CANNOT PLAY". I am wondering if I should use DVD+R's instead, I have no idea. The funny thing is: that last night I tried to copy a DVD Video and it copied fine onto the DVD-R, and played on the Sony DVD-Player. So now I am wondering if:

    A: The Sony can only play MP3's from CDR's, not DVD-R's... and that It can only read Video and Audio in DVD Specification from DVD-R's. Which means my DVD-ROM cannot read DVD-R's (unlikely IMO).

    B: Nero is gayed and not burning the DVD-R format correctly.

    C: DVD-R's are not very compatible (but aren't they supported by the DVD-Forum!!!?) so I should try DVD+R's instead (but aren't those a 'new' format supported by only philips, samsung, HP, and afew other companies?).

    So yes, I am going insane. If I just bought a $240 DVD+-/RW Burner it damn well better make DVD's that can be read from any generic DVD-ROM! But for some reason it wont!! Any ideas, hints, experiences or anything is welcome.
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    Well what are you using? what i sugest for a DVD is DVD-R thats what i use
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    So long as you haven't been doing anything silly like installing Roxio software Nero shouldn't be "gayed" as such.

    Also, DVD-R and DVD+R have roughly the same compatibility rating (Although in certain cases one does work better than the other), so you might want to try DVD+R for comparison.

    And the last time I tried the Joliet file system extension only permits filenames up to 64 characters long (I've had to truncate names in the past), although Nero automatically fixed that.

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