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Thread: Intel Vs. AMD ...your thoughts since the AMD Athlon 64 FX?

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    Originally posted by Waldo2k2
    Oh, and 64 bit programs are not completely usesless for the standard home user

    show me a program that makes use of a 64 bit address space and i'll agree with you, till then
    Don't chop my quote I said nothing of the addressing, I said it's good for number crunching. What home user even needs 4 GB of RAM? If bitness were only usefull for addressing, we wouldn't go to 64 bit for another 2 or 3 years.


    7 years is a bit much, I'll stick with my 2-3 years. 1 GB of RAM is almost necessary now, a pretty large number of people have 1 GB, I know I could certainly use it. Within 2 or 3 years 4 GB could be a minimum. Remember, it was only about 2 years ago when 128 MB was a lot So now we CAN look at memory addressing. More than 4 GB of RAM may not be needed now, but it will be WAY before 7 years.

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    >>I said it's good for number crunching

    yeah i said address space but it's the same thing, if the program wasn't compiled with 64 bit in mind it won't run any faster
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    Yeah, sorry. I guess I was thinking of just straight up memory addressing not space

    But absolutely, if it's compiled as a 32 bit program it will run as 32 bit. Even recompiling a 32 bit program into 64 bit would probably lead to little, if any, perfomance increase. Some programs even show a deacrease in performance

    So yes, it is a matter of waiting for *true* 64 bit programs.Wasn't it Half Life 2 that's being made as 64 bit as well? I know it was some big game that's coming up pretty soon.

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