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    Ok, I'm tired of this. I can't do it on my own. Help.

    This is a project I'm working on on my own: this isn't a school assignment or part of my job. I want this program written, and I don't have the know-how or patience to write the code. So, I want one of you honest, good-natured programmers to help me out. I'll pay you a negotiable $500, depending on how much you do and how well it's done.

    I need C++ code written for a Windows XP-based program that will capture data from the screen and interpret it. I have a client program on my computer that I need to collect data from, and this is - so far as I can tell - the only way to do it. The project includes recognizing the location of an object, distinguishing between simple simbols (a few letters and numbers and symbols like a diamond), and knowing when the screen has changed.

    My goal is to get the data that is displayed on my screen into various data types and arrays so that I can manipulate it and generate output. I'll write the algorithms and classes/functions to generate the output, I just need the data.

    So, if you think you could do this, e-mail me at I'm serious about working with someone on this, and I'm serious about paying. If you have questions, post them here and I'll reply.

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    OK, I'm in a nice mood, so I'm not deleting this post which breaks the rules

    If you're serious about this, then I would suggest you goto
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    Hi bugatti

    Attach 3 more Zeros to your $500 and Im your man

    Now realy if you are planing to read the text buffers that may be somewere in the window manager, it could be done, maybe not easy but is posible, but if you plan to read the graphics buffer, you are geting in a very big trouble, what you are asking is an OCR, something not for the faint of heart, maybe someone in the board may help you, but you will need a *Lot* of help

    Good Luck in your endeavor


    Saludos from Mexico

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    Easy way: Take a screenshot, save it to a file, read the file, fire up a good open source TEXT-RECOGNITION algorithm. Voila, text. Have fun.

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