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    Windows explorer folder view settings

    I need to set the windows explorer folder view settings for a folder and all subfolders. This should include any subfolders created after the fact.

    Specifically, I need details view and would like to specify which columns are visible.

    One would think this would be easy. Does any one have any ideas? Is there a way to do this with a desktop.ini file?

    My program will be creating the subfolders. Therefore, if there is any way to do it programmatically, that would also be a great help.

    Does anyone even know where these setting are stored?

    Win2000 target(XP would be a bonus).

    Thanks for your ideas.

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    Hi this could help , if not im on the wrong track !!

    open explorer
    in the toolbar at the top of the screen click View > Details

    this should show the details of the folders

    To customise the actual details right click in the Name, or Type, or Total Size column heading and select what you want to show ie . attribs,coments,created etc ...

    ok when done and you like what you see click Tools > Folder Options
    View Tab
    and click the Like Current Folder button

    That should do it ..

    hope this helps
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