Thread: Outlook addon to make mail rules/filters?!!?!?

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    Question Outlook addon to make mail rules/filters?!!?!?


    but when you store your mails on a Microsoft Exchange Server
    the rules are limited (32 K per user ..... 64 rulez).

    For this reason I need an extra tool to filter my mails local on my machine
    and put the mails in some folders after the mails arrived into the inbox folder.

    Exist a tool like this?


    Although the limit of 32 K exist I can still create rules on my machine....only the 64
    rulez are updated on the Exchange server....for this reason it would be cool to have a script
    or tool that run automaticly all my rules on the Inbox as "Run Rules Now..." button do that.
    this is the solution!!!



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    well for your first question, try google. Seriously we don't have all the answers in the world and we're not always going to be around when you have a big crisis. You are an admin right?

    Anyway, as far as the message rules thing goes, for applying them all when outlook loads you can do it easily with visual basic im sure. Try otherwise learn a little bit of vb and look up the object model for outlook, if you do it yourself it should take only a few minutes to write the script, only an hour or 2 to find the info.
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