Thread: Need Lexmark Winwriter 400 / IBM 4047 driver

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    Question Need Lexmark Winwriter 400 / IBM 4047 driver


    I have here a Lexmark Winwriter 400. Lexmark doesn't support
    this printer. IBM has support that printer for a time.
    Lexmark Winwriter 400 is the same as an IBM 4047.

    But the problem is that I can't find a driver for this printer.

    know someone where I can find this driver???

    (I have try ALL!!! drivers from the lexmark homepage....but no one works ;( )



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    best answer: buy a new printer that isn't obsolete

    I'll have to leave any other answers to someone else.

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    if you use a search engine called google, and type in printer drivers...there's all sorts of sites that ask that you only sign up with an email address and they have thousands and thousands of drivers, im sure they'd have yours in there....i dont' mean to be a jerk and all...but i've found the answer to your last couple of questions using google, not firsthand knowledge.
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