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    Unhappy dllhost.exe

    Something very odd is happening on my computer. For some reason, DLLHOST.exe is almost constantly hogging my computer's resources.

    What it does is it constantly wavers from about 20% up to 99% of my system resources (mostly hanging around the 99% range...then dropping down to 20% for a second and spiking back up yet again to 99%).

    This is incredibly annoying to me. It has only started doing this in the past few days, and I have no clue what is wrong, but it is annoying me because of the fact that it is constantly hogging so much of my system resources, that whenever I try to play music it becomes choppy, slow, and not-great-quality because the music doesnt have enough system resources to run while DLLHOST.exe is hogging up so much of them.

    Anyone had this happen to them before? Any hint on what could be wrong?
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    A quick search lead me to this which in turn took me to this worm.

    Best get scanning
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