Hi Everyone,

Wondering whether someone can help me with this?

A friend of mine has a PC with Win98 and a NetGear radio network card (don't know the exact spec off-hand). The problem is that his network card regularly stops working, and on closer inspection all the card's drivers are being deleted and are dropped into the Windows Recycle Bin - I've actually watched this happen.

His asked me to look at his PC, but I'm baffled. I initially suspected a virus. I have been through the registry & ini files to look for anything suspicious starting up, and I've been through all the processes running on his machine to ensure they are legit, but can find nothing wrong. In any case, his has the latest version of Norton Virus checker running & everything seems to OK.

At a loss. Anyone seen this before? Any ideas? Wiping, reformatting, and re-installing win98 last resort?