Thread: SCSI drivers... device conflict... no CD drives

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    SCSI drivers... device conflict... no CD drives

    One day, as I boot up my computer, I see that it is in safe mode. I check out my system and device settings to see what's up. Both of my hard drivers were enabled, however, I only have one. So, I selected the option "Primary IDE only", what I thought it was n before. Then I restart my cmomputer again, and it boots up normally. However, I noticed my CD drives didn't seem to exist, so upon checking device settinga again I see an exclamation my "SCSI devices". My computer cannot find a compatible one. What is the SCSI driver, and what can I do to fix my computer?
    I'm using Windows98, 433 Celeron PC; 2 cd drives, one's a sony burner.
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    Since you're using win98, you can force dos mode to check that the host adapter is working. You'd need to know the manufacturer of the adapter or have the driver disk in order to install real mode dos drivers.

    However, I'd try to reinstall the host adapter by clicking on the properties button. It's possible that another device has chosen to steal the required resources from the scsi adapter.

    What is the host adapter controlling? A single cdrom?
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    Have you tried re-enabling the secondary IDE port (the one that you disabled).

    IIRC, IDE CDROM drives sometimes reference "SCSI" drivers. I'd try undoing what you did before you do anything else.
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