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    and RoD, quite being a dick.

    To netboy, go third party. But in the future try to stay away from ME, more headaches than the pretty colors are worth. And yes like any windows it has it's bugs and it'll have users who love it and those who hate it. But it has one big flaw, they took an OS that rely's on DOS, hacked it up so that it didn't rely on DOS 100%, and left the other part to luck. I recently formatted a few computers at school (mostly laptops) that came with ME on them, they all had really really weird quirks that came from problems occuring on the kernel level. For instance, our HS computer teacher (I use the term loosely ) could go into any rich/text edit box, text editing program, even the DOS shell, type a few characters, then the pc would spit out 8 junk characters, repeat what she typed, then repeat the junk characters again. There was no way to fix it (plus other weird crashes were happening). I formatted and put w2k on it. Works fine now, no problems at all. She's generally a good user so i know it wasn't something she corrupted....of course if the kernel was corrupted it wouldn't boot anyway so yeah. Anywho, that's my 2 cents on ME and it's fallbacks.
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    >>and RoD, quite being a dick.

    No thanks, and i'd like fries with that insult also, please.

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    Thanks Waldo2k2 for explaining the Abbriviation.
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    Hi guys, I've found out the solution from a friend of mine.

    (Using BootMagic)

    *partition the hdd
    *install the win98
    *install bootmagic n create the rescue disk
    *boot to the other partition, wif bootdisk usin bootmagic ctrl
    *do normal installation oso (winme)
    *boot back the the first partition usin rescue disk
    *insert winme into the list...

    Thanks for those who have gave their ideas.
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