what I'll do:

Connect 2 miscellaneous domains together.

Domain 1:

Name: TestDomain1 (This is the main domain)
Server: Windows 2003 enterprise
Exchange 2003 enterprise
Location: New York city
Workstations: Windows 2000

Domain 2:

Name: TestDomain2
Server: Windows 2003 enterprise
Workstations: Windows 2000
Locations: Los Angelas




It's possible to connect the both domains together. that users from TestDomain1 have access to shared folders on the server from TestDomain2???
and the other way round?


It's possible that both domains use only 1 Exchange 2003 server?
or use 2 Exchange 2003 server....... to send local emails?!
send meeting request..
send task
and so on....


It's possible that user from TestDomain1 can log on the server from TestDomain2 with his own userID + password from his local domain?!
and the other way round?

Thanks in advance!!!