Thread: Network problems in a domain....

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    Question Network problems in a domain....


    we have a little network problem in our doamain.
    on some pc comes files with CRC errors!??!
    for this reason
    I'm looking for some "GOOD" tools too analyzing our network.
    The network include:

    Windows 2000 servers + Windows 2003 server + Windows 2000 Workstations.

    Can someone give me some tips for a good analyzed application that
    I can use to check the problem!?



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    I can't suggest any software off the top of my head, but if you're getting that many CRC errors, maybe you:

    1) have some hardware misconfgured
    2) have some malfunctioning hardware

    in either case, I'm not sure any analyzing software will tell you that either of those is the problem.

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