Thread: Microsoft Powerpoint AutoShape / object structure

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    Question Microsoft Powerpoint AutoShape / object structure


    I have two expert questions:

    1. Is it possible to add new (own) End Styles of arrows in the Format AutoShape window (Colors and Lines) drop down box?

    2. How is it possible to access the object structure in PowerPoint. I mean by this accessing the objects that are created on the given slide. I would like to identify the selected object, maybe check its category (arrow, text, etc), take and pass it to my program. Then put the changed object back into the slide instead of the selected object. Off course I will ensure the right format. But what format is it?

    I am all ears!


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    I believe it is a Shape object, I once had to do a "fill in the blank" spelling macro-program in PPT for grade ones in Comp Apps... can't remember much of it anymore.

    To get it, it's something like this:


    That's probably not right, but it's something along those lines... get the active slide, and there should be an array called Shapes, which contains all the objects on the slide. It's too bad I deleted that project earlier
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