Thread: Password dialog at startup

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    Password dialog at startup

    How do I remove the "Enter password for microsoft networking" window that pops up during start up ?

    (I can simply log on with "Enter" as there's actually no password)
    It never used to ask for it and I don't need it. It suddenly
    started asking for a password after I tried to play with the
    network settings. I dont know how to stop it from asking again.

    This is on Windows Me

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    What I would do on windows 98 (not sure if its right) is remove the network logon stuff from network config (i.e. Client for Microsoft Networks) but be careful listening to me...
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    Well..I did this (Windows Me)

    Settings -> control panel -> network -> selected "Client for microsoft networks" - > clicked properties - > selected "Quick logon" instead of "logon and restore network connections"

    I dont know if that's what you're talking about,
    but it didn't work anyway. I still get the damn window!

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    from the Network Control Panel where you select the Windows Logon instead of microsoft network logon, and also the password must be blank for windows logon NOT to prompt
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    Not looked at the links, but all I did was delete the PWL file associated with the account and then setup a new account with the same name but blank password. It never asked again.

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    Perfect.. Solved..

    Now, for other frustrated people like me:

    Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network > Configuration Tab > Windows Logon (under primary network logon)
    instead of anything else.

    Prerequisite: The password should be blank for it to
    disappear during startup.

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