Thread: How do I burn this onto a CD?

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    How do I burn this onto a CD?

    I downloaded something to burn onto a cd. The format is unknown to me.

    There are a bunch of files ex:

    etc etc

    Then, there is ims.sfv

    Supposedly I'm supposed to use all of these similar to burning an image onto a cd...anyone know what I'm talking about? Thanks...(Oh, and I have nero)

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    Nevermind, I figured it out. All I had to do was open up the .001 file with WinRAR. The answer didn't jump out because the .001 file didn't have the WinRAR icon. Anyhow, then it created a .bin and .cue file and I know how to burn those onto a cd.

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    To solve future problems for anybody, if you have a CD burner registered on the computer, you should be able to just right click on the files, or highlight several and right click on that, and then select somehting like "Copy these to a CD", or something similar to that.

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    that would be XP then ?
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    Well, thats not correct is it.

    He asked to burn an image.

    With Nero, you cannot 'right click' from file as you are asking for a special burn.

    Simply open Nero, go to 'file' and whoa! one option says 'burn image'-there you go.
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