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    How can I tell which motherboard I have without opening my computer up?

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    It looks like there are ways to figure this out without
    opening. I haven't done this myself but maybe you should.

    A little research on google brought me to this site.
    Read their replies, maybe they'd help. But like I said,
    I haven't done it myself personally. It doesn't seem hard though.

    Good Luck

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    When I reboot my machine, the black and white BIOS screen that comes up before it starts loading Windows has the motherboard type on it, together with the processor and memory details. Trouble is, it doesn't stay on the screen very long, so you may have to try a few times!

    Alternatively, look for a program called "SiSoft Sandra", this will tell you a huge amount about your system, it's well worth having. It is free for personal use.

    You can get Sandra here.
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    ..or even simpler, google for aida32.

    This tells you MB info along with software licenses, CPU speeds and we,, everything. Even gives you web links for the manufacturers.

    Such is life.

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