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    hi .i am a neophyte in the linux probleme is this : i wanna know from the beginnin to the end how to download a software and install it in linux.please help me.i tryin all i can but no result.

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    In most instances, you download and compile the source for the program. You'll get it in a tar file, from which you'll have to extract the files. Then look for something called INSTALL or readme or anything that you think will give you some tips on how to install it It will involve a make command or two.

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    blackrat364 is right. you normally run something like

    make install

    unless your distro has a good package management. like rpms for redhat and ebuilds for gentoo.

    with gentoo you can compile from source with a 'emerge kde' or what ever and it gets the needed files for you.

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    Compiling your own program from the source code would be fun if yu have a bit of experience.

    And as mart_man said;

    there's always another way that is if your Linux distro is rpm based. In which case, just d/load a matching rpm package and installing it is just a matter of giving the right command of rpm -ivh full_package_name.rpm

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    Also, depending on your distro, apt and dselect, they normally locate everything for you, you jus tell it what to get.

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    In a similar siuation myself. Been doing a bit of mooching on the web and found this article. Not followed it through myself yet, but seems like it might be useful.

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    get a distro with portage
    (online database of like a gajillion programs)

    like debian/gentooo

    i LOVE gentoo, ok maybe not love but something close

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    LOVE gentoo, ok maybe not love but something close
    No, love is the right word

    With portage and the whole group(webboards and irc) it is a great OS. I love that 1.4 comes with a zillion grps. To bad my first download was from a bad mirror(6 hours for nothing).

    Ive been putting it on a couple of machines today, the framebuffer thing they have on the new cd is kool. I might finally play with it.

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