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    Address bar remembering keywords and passwords

    Let me rephrase my question (the way I previously wrote it made it sound like it was due to websites ): When I type in keywords, usernames, and passwords in address bars ( such as at google where you type in the keyword you use to do a search), my browswer remembers these and when returning to the address bar in the future, I'm automatically offered that keyword when the program detects a pattern (such as the first letter of the word or password). How do I disable this feature?
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    its called autocomplete in ie.

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    tools--internet options--in one of those tabs turn off "auto complete" i believe that will fix it

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    some sites use cookies to store the keywords.. and serve the page with a drop down menu with the same keys when u visit again

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    Thanks. The problem is now fixed. It is called autocomplete as someone mentioned. Once I got the name, I was able to find this information below which describes the feature and how to disable it:

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