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    An Idea I have...

    Since I download so many new songs so often, and I like to keep my music folder as neat as possible (I'm obsessed with this!). I've got an idea for a program I would like to create that would primarily benefit me. In my music folder I like to create a folder for each band, then copy all the songs for that particular band into that band's designated folder, as well as, keep the other copies of those songs free in the main folder with all the other songs. Now it's starting to become quite tedious trying to figure out which bands need a new folder, which songs need to be copied, etc... I keep up to date on this fairly well, but it's still a pain regardless. This all may seem irrelevant right now, but this is where my idea for a program comes into play.

    My idea is to be able to run a program that will read each file (song), and output a text file that lists the name of the file. Then from that text file read the name of each band and check to see if that band has a created folder or not. If the folder has not been created yet, then it outputs in a seperate text file the name of the band that a folder needs to be created for. After that it will check inside the folders of each band and check to see which songs from the 'complete song list' relating to that band are missing in that folder, then, like the other process, output which songs need to be put into that band's folder. There may, also, be other processes I would like to add-on to this in the future, but for now this seems to be difficult enough.

    Even though, I have this idea for the program, I'm not sure how I would go about creating this program. I'm not looking for anyone to create the program for me, by any means at all, but it would be terrific if someone could possibly give me some guidance on what would need to be done to create the program, along with what knowledge I might need to create the program. Even if I'm not able to create a program to do all those processes, I would still like to be able to create a program that could do maybe something almost as similar, yet not quite as complex, as the aforementioned program. Thanks to anyone who could give me some insight on this.

    On a side note, I put this in the C++ board, because I felt it relates mainly to getting programming help, rather than a discussion on the program itself (ala I would have put it in GD).

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    Alright, sorry, I was under the impression the tech board related soley to technical hardware problems, however, I've never really browsed much into the board.

    Thank you for the two suggestions, though. Basically, I guess, I'll need to look into how to be able to read the file name of mp3 file's. Then, like you said, figure in all the text manipulation I'll have to do. It shouldn't be as hard as I initially anticipated, considering I'll be able to have the good help of everyone's good friend STL.

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