Thread: Logitech MOMO wheel broke, fixed manually

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    Logitech MOMO wheel broke, fixed manually

    Well, I bought a Logitech MOMO Racing Wheel about 3 months ago for $124 (normally $200 CDN), and the TapShifters broke, so I mailed Logitech about the problem and they never responded. Before purchasing the product I knew that many of the wheels developed the problem. Logitech seems to not answer any fax, email, letter, or phone call about the issue; so I resorted to fixing the problem myself. It was a $$$$$ to disassemble - 1.3 hours and 47 screws later... I was at the PCB that I needed to fix. The following are pictures I took while disassembling (pictures have been fixed, and are now viewable):

    Removed Cover. 12 screws.
    Part 1
    Disconnected cables, and removed wheel assembly. 4 screws.
    Part 2
    Disconnected shaft sections. 17 screws.
    Part 3
    Removed TapShifters, front plate, disconnected PCB from front of wheel (very tricky). 14 screws.
    Part 4

    Afterwards I went to radioshack and bought 22 gauge stranded wire and silver-bearing solder. I then connected the middle pin of SW2 and SW1 to D11 and D10, respectively. Then I used electrical tape to hold the switches down to restrict upward movement. Then I had to get to the cause of the problem: The TapShifters allowed 1mm of excess movement, which was destroying the switches. I tried to use bits of a CD to fix it but that didn't work, so I ended up layering electrical tape until the shifters only moved as much as necessary. Now all I have to do is purchase some grease to add to the cogwheel and motor assembly. But the MOMO works great now, everything functions properly, and I am happy I didn't end up sending it back to Logitech for another one which would become defective eventually anyways.
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    nice job.

    i wonder how bad my ms wheel is inside....

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    I never had any problem with ms hardware , I think it is worth the moneys paid for it.

    Software .... well thats a different story . ;-)
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