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    Question Application Utilization on Win PC

    I am interested in making an application utilization tool on Win PC (to begin with). This would include the logs of all applicatipons used by user right from boot up.

    Does such a tool exist? Please let me kno if it does..

    Any suggestions in implementing / approaching the problem ?

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    If you're using XP, you might investigate bootvis .

    Determining what is being launched at boot time is going to involve interaction with the OS, and may not be that easy for you as a beginner.

    There are various places that Windows stores information for which programs to run at start up, eg the registry, the startup folder, and a couple of other places I think. Try a google search and you should be able to find them all listed somewhere. However, this is only a list of things Windows will try to start, not what it actually started, so it's going to depend on what you want.
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