Thread: Downloading things with IE.

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    Downloading things with IE.

    I broke something. Usually when I would left-click on a file to
    download, a little box would come up and ask me if I wanted
    to save it. There was a little check box that said something
    like "don't ask me this again", and I think I clicked (or unclicked)
    it. Now, when I try to download something, it just downloads
    without asking me where I want to save it.

    How do I get it back to how it was? I know I can right-click and
    'save target as', but there are some sites where that doesn't
    work. Like over at (they got the Adore Demos
    up!); if I right-click, a message box come up and says "please
    do not copy this link."

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    I dont know of a way to make the window re-appear but if you really must download something and the right-mouse button doesn't work do this.

    go into notepad and create a new doc
    and type this:
    Now go find the link, hover your mouse over it, in the lower left hand corner it should say the name of the file like
    gaim-0.22.exe or something.
    Now copy the URL your at currently, and then add that filename to the end, make sure a slash is there before you add it to the end.

    then put that link in the format:

    Where that long link is the URL you just copied down.
    then add this to the end:
    Now for an example:
    I found this link to a download of a program called k-lite
    was where it was located, I hover my mouse over to reveal the name:
    and then i add THAT to the end of the first link and form:
    so then I create a file in notepad:
    <a href="">Download</a>
    and then click Save As...
    for the title put quotes around it and save the extension as a .html file.

    This is an extremely crude method but sometimes windows just doesn't want to work and some people try to restrict info poorly and or mess up the regular methods of projecting information.

    I have used this for certain websites that didn't allow people to click the links and only allowed streams of whatever they were showing.

    This IS NOT an answer to your problem but a simple idea you may use in the future.

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    To get past those anti right click scripts just right click on the page, when the alert shows up hold right click, left click ok, then release the right click on the page, it will bring down the menu.
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