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    Assembly & Mac OS X

    I have lately been looking for some documentation about Assembly for Mac OS X. The problem is I can't seem to find any (yeah, Apple provided a brief document, but that's all). I have digged up some docs and sites, i.e. the and Lightsoft's Assembler for Mac (which unfortunately isn't for Mac OS X, and doesn't work very well either). None of these sites has proved to be very helpful. Can anyone help?

    If this is the wrong place for this thread, I apologize.

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    It depends on what kind of Mac you have-- how easy it will be to get documentation.

    68K or PPC

    Motorola made the 68K, and docs are very easy to find in bookstores or online.

    IBM made the PPC, and docs are out there as well. You can look on Apple's site-- it always has developer information (but you have to look around the site) to find it for DTS (Developer Technical Support). I'd provide a link, but the site has changed so much.

    You can also, go to IBM for processor books on the PPC, as well as additional information-- this might help you as well:

    I worked in the O/S group at Apple for 7 years and really enjoyed doing assembly on the 68K and PPC -- the dual binaries-- (when apps were expected to run on both, natively).
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    Thank you for replying, I never thought anyone was going to reply to this thread.

    As I run Mac OS X, I have a PPC (7450 aka. G4). I'm mainly looking to the coding on this machine, as the 'classic' apps I found weren't any good.

    I searched ADC, and found some sort of a code archive. I'm not sure it can be any helpful, but I'll look some more. And thank you for the link you provided, it looks promising.

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