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    Originally posted by adrianxw
    I run Norton on both my machines. The older Win95 machine has an issue with Norton and the LS120 drive, so I don't use it on that.

    On the XP system, I, (when I remember), disable NAV when doing a Windows Update, as twice, (when I forgot), the auto update stopped, and I needed to hack the BIOS to get the system back online.

    That said, I wouldn't buy any other because it does the job.
    Nortons firewall stops windows update operating normally, but all issues are resolved in their knowledge base. Strictly speaking you should disable ANY AV before installing games,service packs and updates etc.

    I have never had bother with my XP and Norton.
    Such is life.

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    Norton 2000 hated my xp.

    Running Norton antivirus 2003 Corporate and no complaints.

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    Originally posted by RoD
    Norton 2000 hated my xp.

    Running Norton antivirus 2003 Corporate and no complaints.
    I like the way they setup NAV 2002 better than NAV2003. Norton rules!
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    I'm using AntiVIR, it's free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by byte
    I'm using AntiVIR, it's free.
    So that justifies bumping an ancient thread?

    Read the rules please

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