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    ok im all installed. It prompts me to login so i logged in under my created user not root, and typed startx.

    Now it came up with a gnome sign then said something like :0 was in use and asked if it should try a new server, think server. Well i said yes and now it says "this server is busy, using :1" or something, and i click ok. After i click ok a graphical prompt for user and pass comes up, i enter my info and then it goes back to the "this server is...", i click ok, its an endless loop, wat did i do wrong?

    EDIT: I went to system options and selected the graphical welcome as "happy gnome" and rebboted. i gave my user and pass and it kicked me into gnome with no problems, cool.
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    Doesn't this belong in the Linux forum?
    Or is the linux forum for programming only?

    are the terminals that your X-Client runs on.
    When you type startx it runs an X-Client that connects to the server and asks for the programs, etc. If :0 is busy that means that your X is doing something on :0. I don't know what its doing.
    Try running XConfigurator and changing some things.
    When in a NORMAL TERMINAL ex: tty01
    ctrl+alt+f7 that is :0
    if that doesn't work try:
    startx --:0 vt8
    startx --:1 vt8
    startx --0: vt7
    the last one is default.

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    i fixed it, but thnx. I'm getting used to it, trying anyway, its still odd to not have my comp--c:\ tho lol....


    How do i get the "Amusement" menu to show in GNOME under the mandrake bar? i tried editing to show all it didnt do it.

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